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11 December, 2020 –

Collaborations for a COVID-19 vaccine:

Avalia Immunotherapies to play role in new alliance in search for a COVID-19 vaccine for New Zealand.

23 October, 2020 –

A more effective malaria vaccine:

Traditional malaria vaccines typically work by looking for foreign bodies or antigens present on the surface of the pathogen. While…

1 July, 2020 –

Worth a shot? The economics of the race for a vaccine:

Avalia's CEO Dr Shivali Gulab shares insights into the economics of COVID-19 vaccine development efforts alongside Associate Professor Helen Petousis-Harris,…

7 May, 2020 –

Initial funding opens doors for national COVID-19 vaccine strategy:

New Zealand biotech Avalia Immunotherapies has been awarded bridging funding of $100,000 from the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment’s…

12 June, 2019 –

Dr Kronenberg, elected distinguished fellow by AAI:

Avalia's newly appointed director, Dr Mitch Kronenberg, receives highest honour for his outstanding scientific contributions to the field of immunology

27 August, 2018 –

Key to a Cure:

Avalia Immunotherapies could hold the key to a cure for chronic hepatitis B infection—a currently incurable, life-threatening liver disease that…

9 July, 2018 –

Harnessing the immune system:

Avalia's founding CSO and head of  cancer immunotherapy at Malaghan Institute of Medical Research, Professor Ian Hermans, discusses the developing field…

13 November, 2017 –

Avalia receives NZ Innovation Award:

And the 2017 winner of the Innovation Excellence in Research is... Avalia Immunotherapies!

12 August, 2017 –

National portrait – Richard Fureaux, pioneering chemist:

Avalia congratulates one of its founding directors and now science advisor, Richard Furneaux, for his huge contribution to biotech research…

21 April, 2017 –

Five-year research partnership:

Avalia's research partner, the Ferrier Research Institute at Victoria University of Wellington continues to pioneer new ground with Avalia's NKT…

21 April, 2017 –

Avalia presents latest research at the Neoantigen conference:

Avalia is attending the European Neoantigen Summit in Amsterdam, 24-26 April, presenting a poster introducing its powerful vaccine platform.  Please…

1 October, 2015 –

NZ Bio celebrates its innovators:

At the Annual NZ Bio award dinner, Wednesday night 23rd September, Dr Shivali Gulab was announced the Young Bioscientist of…

28 May, 2015 –

Avalia receives TechConnect Innovation Award:

TechConnect is proud to announce the annual TechConnect Innovation Awards. These Awards identify the top 20% of submitted opportunities as…

21 May, 2015 –

Wellington team seeks human trials for promising cancer vaccine:

Clinicians say immunotherapy is a revolution in the treatment of cancer as it harnesses the body's immune system to fight…

21 May, 2015 –

New Wellington company to develop potential treatment for treating cancer:

An immunotherapy technology for treating cancer and other diseases, jointly developed by Victoria University of Wellington’s Ferrier Research Institute and…

6 October, 2014 –

City scientists patent asthma breakthrough:

Wellington scientists have patented a ground-breaking vaccine for asthma. Trial results published today show the vaccine works in mice, preventing…

5 May, 2014 –


Developing ways to harness our immune system for optimal health and prevention of disease.

29 April, 2014 –

Now is the time to celebrate your immune system:

Immunology is a vibrant and ever-changing branch of biomedical science that deals with the study of the immune system; a…

8 January, 2014 –

Cancer immunotherapy named Science’s ‘Breakthrough of the Year’:

A new form of cancer treatment that directs the body’s own immune system to fight tumours has been named ‘Breakthrough…