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Avalia’s development programmes are underpinned by its research and commercial partners who have been advancing the field of NKT cell immunology to activate the immune system for the treatment of cancers, infectious disease and allergy since 2000.

Key partnerships –



Ferrier Research Institute of Victoria University of Wellington. The 27-strong Ferrier Research Institute team was established over 30 years ago and has built a world-class reputation in carbohydrate chemistry and analysis. They have a long history in developing compounds that have resulted in significant breakthroughs in medical care. Avalia is working closely with the Ferrier Research Institute’s chemical immunology team which is led by one of Avalia’s co-founding scientists, Professor Gavin Painter.

Malaghan Institute of Medical Research are New Zealand's leading independent medical research institute, focused on developing better treatments for diseases such as cancer, asthma and allergy. Malaghan’s scientists are recognised internationally for their research into the development of more effective immunotherapies and treatments for cancer, asthma and allergy, multiple sclerosis and infectious disease. Avalia works closely with the Vaccine Therapy programme which is led by Associate Professor Ian Hermans, one of Avalia’s co-founding scientists.



GlycoSyn Limited are New Zealand’s premier cGMP manufacturer for the development and production of complex active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) for pre-clinical and clinical drug development programmes. GlycoSyn has been operating internationally for nearly a decade with an emphasis on conventional small molecules to dendrimers and complex oligosaccharides.They work closely with Avalia to ensure it’s drug compounds can meet strict manufacturing standards and regulatory requirements for pre-clinical and clinical programmes.


In/Out Licensing

To accelerate Avalia’s drug candidates into the clinic we look to partner with groups that have complementary vaccine technologies or extensive experience in later stage clinical trials management. Please contact our team to discuss opportunities to collaborate.

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